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Clogs are caused by some very frequent items that you shed off in sinks; as they flow down the drain, they clog at a point and become a real headache for you. Once you know the items clogging your drain, you can make sure to never let them accumulate again.


Shaving/trimming your hair in bathroom sinks and ultimately washing them down is a common habit. The habit is a huge source of drain clogs as the hair pile up at bends and clog the drain.

2-Pasta and Rice

Leftovers in plates are often drained as most individuals wash them down. The leftovers do not dissolve in water, rather, as they are more exposed to water, they start to swell. The swelling of the leftover food items soon forms a clog.


Washing your hands after a job involving grease or lube causes thick chunks of grease to wash down and settle inside the drain pipe. Most people use hot water to wash grease off. This causes grease to melt and wash off, but at the bottom or on a bend, it cools and forms a clog.

4-Cooking oil

Cooking oil is the most common source of clog formation as it gets sticky and occupies the pipe’s circumference. It also narrows down the pipe and as it is sticky, other food bits get attached to it to form a clog.

5-Salad Dressings/Sauces/Mayo

Their role in clog formation is similar to that of oil. At a point, they stop dissolving in water and the solid particles start to settle and pile up.

6-Butter and Margarine

Similar to Mayo and Salad Dressing, butter and margarine create water resistant barriers as the saturated fat in them start to obstruct the pipe.

7-Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are solid waste that can easily cause a blockage. Insoluble in water and prone to choking drain pipes, coffee grounds easily form clogs. Imagine what a combination of piled up butter and coffee down the drain can do. Gross.

8-Egg Shells

Solid in nature, just like coffee grounds, egg shells are another source of clog formation in the drain pipes. Furthermore, they are larger than coffee grounds, so their effect is much more severe and quicker. Egg shells can also wrap around disposal blades making a mess much closer up top.


A combination of water and flour makes glue. This substance can be really nasty around drain pipe bends. Because it is glue, it tends to stick particles to it making a clog formation much severe.

10-Veggies and Fruit peelings

Peelings are another large solid waste that can both form a clog down the drain as well as a sticky surface underneath drain blades. They are at times even bigger than eggshells while causing a clog.

The right thing to do is to put the waste in waste bins and not sinks. In case you have a drain clog requiring cleaning, Cait Co is a reliable and quality plumbing service you can depend on in Santa Fe NM.