swamp cooler albuquerque

Swamp coolers are one of the simplest air conditioning solutions to break the spell of scathing summers. They work on a simple principle where evaporation is used to lower the temperature of ambient air. Along with its simple operations, a swamp cooler can be used to lower indoor temperatures for many of its benefits.

1) Not Heavy on the Pocket with its Upfront Cost

Swamp coolers are really cost-effective air conditioning solutions compared with traditional options. Due to their simple internal apparatus, a single swamp cooler unit can be bought at a very reasonable price.

2) Reduced Energy Bills

Swamp coolers use one-fourth the electricity of a central air conditioning unit. This means you can save a significant amount of money on your recurrent domestic expenses.

3) The Air is not too Dry

Conventional air conditioning often dehumidifies the indoor air so much that it creates a dried-up atmosphere, which is not good for skin and indoor vegetation. With the perfect moisture content, swamp cooler air conditioning is ideal for freshening up indoors.

4) Environment-Friendly

As mentioned earlier, swamp coolers consume less electricity, which also makes them an ideal choice for homeowners with environmental consciences.

5) Ease of Installation and Convenient Use

Swamp coolers are available in non-permanent installation models. So you don’t have to worry about their installation. You can place them wherever you want cool ambient air.

6) Multipronged Temperature Treatment

Swamp cooler lowers indoor temperature through multiple steps:

  • Lowers ambient temperature by blowing chilled air throughout the room.
  • The quick movement of cool air on the skin increases its rate of evaporation, resulting in a lower body temperature and a relaxing sensation.
  • This rapid air movement also helps in reducing the radiant heat content of inanimate objects indoors.

7) Time-tested Cooling Technology

Evaporation to cool the air has been used since ancient times, when water-soaked fabrics and screens were used at the entrances to turn the incoming air cold. Swamp coolers have adopted the same time-tested cooling method and modernized it with an assembly of fans and cooling pads.

8) Better Ventilation

Conventional air conditioning units use the same air to lower the indoor temperature with closed doors and windows. On the other hand, swamp cooler uses fresh air to cool down the environment. Therefore, areas treated with swamp coolers are better ventilated. An airy indoors always has a good impact on mood.

9) Minimum Maintenance Required

An occasional dusting, checking water levels, and timely replacement of filters and cooling pads comprise the complete maintenance plan for a swamp cooler. As you can see, how simple and minimum maintenance is needed.

10) Repairs are Needed Rarely

The fan and water pump are the only machine components present in a swamp cooler. So, swamp coolers rarely break down, and in such instances, you can call for experienced repair and maintenance professionals in Santa Fe. They can fix the problem of your swamp cooler in a jiffy.