Santa Fe, and it’s the time of year when the weather starts to warm up. That means the temperatures are higher and it’s time to turn on your swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, for 2017. Now that it’s warmer its time to do maintenance and flush out the lines and do a test run so it’s ready when it’s time to turn it on full time.

Swamp coolers in both Santa Fe NM and Albuquerque NM should get a service call each year when the weather warms up before it starts to get hot. Caitco Drainworks highly trained technicians fill up your swamp cooler reservoir, turn on the water to the system, remove the cover tie downs for the swamp cooler cover

When spring heads toward summer or even sooner call CaitCo Drainworks at our Santa Fe at 505-424-9191, or Albuquerque office at 505-899-6688, to start your swamp cooler back up to make sure its operating correctly and keeping you cool during the hot months of the year.

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