A water heater installation job is not very difficult to perform. However, the key thing to undermine is that anything less than a perfect job is sure to cause two things; your hot water supply becomes unreliable and your water heater shall not function properly.

To prevent the undesirable from happening, it is pertinent that you study the four mistakes in water heater installation, which if known beforehand can be avoided for the perfect results.

1-The wrong model or type for your needs

What most homeowners do is look for the cheapest possible option available. Instead, you should carefully assess the usage of water you have and then decide accordingly. A wrong type may cause you to overspend for a fail cause. Furthermore, if you buy less than your needs then your water supply shall be disturbed.

2-Soldering fittings on tank tops

Soldering fittings on tank tops can result in the formation of gaps in the dip tube or other parts of the heater tank, which can signal leakages. Besides, damage on your own part may also make the warranty useless; the replacement would be very expensive. Not only should you use the floor or a fire friendly surface to solder and prepare your parts but also you should allow them to be cooled down before you begin assembling them.

3-Dry firing water heater components

In you have a tankless water heater, never turn the circuit breakers before the water heater is completely filled with water. If heater elements are not properly submerged in water, they get heated and dry fired. This causes damage to them to an extent that they need replacement. The replacement is costly as well as time-consuming.

This is caused when water heaters are turned on without completely filling the tank. It can cause the components to crack under heat pressure and even cause the tank to explode.

Regardless of having a water heater that comes with a tank or without one, a small mistake can result in dry firing of heater components bringing serious damage to your newly bought equipment.

4-Blocked Fluke pipes

If you have a standard tank water heater and the fluke pipe of the heater is blocked or is not properly exhausted out, the toxic gases such as carbon dioxide may erupt inside your home and may result in health risks. Run a smoke test or a visual inspection and make sure to never ignore this part of checks after installation.

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