There are many companies with HVAC systems that promise to save energy costs and provide you with comfort in your home. Even though these units are of being good quality, poor installation can cause them to perform badly– and sometimes even malfunction. This poor installation is a result of a few mistakes in installation which can cost homeowners a fortune.

  1. Wrong Size Equipment

Without considering the size of HVAC needed for your home, you might get equipment that is insufficient or too costly. When HVACs need replacement, most people make a hurried decision in which they may buy a low-cost unit with sub-par quality, or something too big. That can lead to a very dissatisfying experience later on.

  1. Improper Positioning of Outdoor Unit

Most outdoor units of the HVAC are left out in the sun to avoid their noise from coming inside the homes. This exposure to the sun causes it to heat up and strains the system more than needed which results in earlier maintenance being required. This detail is seldom considered during installation and later affects the HVAC performance negatively.

  1. Improper Internal Filter Racks

Improper filter racks lead to poor positioning of filter’s location. It can cause damage to the system as well as inflow of contaminated air inside the house. Apart from this, if your house is in a dusty place in Santa Fe, the poor functioning of the filter system will cause dust to enter your homes. This dust also gets left inside the HVAC unit and therefore demands maintenance. The best HVAC installers know how the filter works and ensure that it gets the right space to perform its function.

  1. Leaking Ducts

The cause of a leaking duct in a new HVAC is an improper job done and untidy finishing. Leaking ducts leave a lot of room for air to escape which disrupts your HVAC’s smooth performance. Duct leaks are also caused by using tape instead of mastic to seal the openings. Tape starts to wear off after a while and the moisture of the cooled air causes it to lose its grip. Furthermore, the force of the tape bends pipes creating a small space for a leakage to occur.

  1. Faulty Drainage

Improper HVAC installation also results in faulty drainage. Rather than installing a proper drain for the moisture and water, it is left to crawl under your home resulting in molds. These molds are not only detrimental for your walls but also pose a threat to the health of your family. Ultimately, drainage repairs need to be made which is an extra cost that could be avoided with proper installation of your HVAC unit by professionals.

These mistakes not only cost you extra money but also put the safety of your family at risk. Fortunately, the problem can be avoided if a professional and trusted HVAC installer is hired. Cait Co Drain works is the top name in Santa Fe, NM for plumbing, drainage, and HVAC installation. With experienced technicians, they promise and deliver quality services for the residents of Santa Fe.