5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Commercial Boiler

A commercial boiler has always been an important part of schools, businesses and other organizations to make sure that the temperature of their indoor premises does not get very cold. It is used for the purpose of comfort heating, keeping temperatures just warm enough indoors.

Unfortunately, many of these facility managers cannot identify when it is the right time to replace their commercial boilers. Here are 5 ways that can help you decide when your boiler is up for replacement.


Remember, no boiler can last forever. While condensing boilers can last for as many as fifteen years, cast iron boilers, which are less energy efficient, may last longer. But, what is common is that all commercial boilers have a life span. So it is better you take action before it is too late. If you do not want your commercial boiler to completely shut down, identify when it is the correct time to get it replaced.


If you start noticing a rise in your utility costs, it may mean that your commercial boilers are not operating at full capacity. You must be aware of how high your bills go each month, so if you experience unusual hikes in these, it is most likely that your commercial boilers are underperforming. Just like every machine as it ages, it cannot perform as well as it used to do earlier. So, little repairs and maintenance of your boilers is always an option. But if these repair costs are becoming a routine, you better get you commercial boilers replaced.


It is pretty normal for commercial boilers to create noises. However, if you are getting to hear loud bangs and clanging and whistles, I can assure you that your boiler is asking for a repair. These are usually signs of a blockage, leak or even pressure issues. It is better you get it checked out by a trained professional who may be able to tell you whether the repair would work or you would have to get your commercial boiler replaced.


If you find out that your commercial boiler is leaking or needing extra make up water, it is an issue that you must address as soon as possible. These leaks may prove to be costly in the long run, so the sooner they are addressed, the better it is. Most of the times, these can be fixed through repairs and you may not need a complete replacement.


If you feel different temperatures in different areas of your premises, your commercial boiler definitely has an issue that needs to be resolved. If it is heating some areas more than the rest, it is better you call a technician who can check and advise if your commercial boilers need to be replaced.

So, if you are looking for a repair or replacement of your commercial boiler, contact us.