clogged drain new mexico

Having difficulty with flushing the toilet? There’s probably a rogue tissue stuck somewhere down the drain line or your gum spitting skills finally showed their handy work. In case you have a cat in your house, and you have been flushing the litter down the toilet, then there you go… you have another reason behind the clog.

If you have been facing plumbing problems, then I would suggest that you stop trying DIY tricks. This will make the problem worse and after a few hours, you will come to a house flooded with ankle-deep water. Before bringing out your trusty friend ‘the plunger’, it’s better to call a plumber to fix the problem.

Following are five tips on how to prevent your drainpipe from clogging:

1.     Bid an Adieu to Old Pal Drano

Chemicals such as Drano are used extensively in every household. The problem with these chemicals is that they unclog the drain temporarily. They destroy the drainpipes and make them prone to breaks and holes.

2.     Shut Off the Main Valve

If you see that your toilet or bathtub is backing up with dirty water, the first thing you should do is turn off the water supply from the main valve. This will prevent flooding. Don’t try to stick wires down the drain pipe to flush out the blockage. Again, you might destroy the pipes beyond repair, which will probably cost you a renovation instead of a repair.

3.     Stop Treating the Toilet as a Garbage Bin

Throwing pampers, tissue papers, hygiene products, and makeup remover pads in the toilet are akin to a sin. Why would you do that when there’s a perfectly good dustbin in the bathroom! This is something that will cause a clog in the main drainpipe and will result in problems in the entire plumbing system.

4.     Stop Using Toilet Bowl Fresheners

Toilet bowl fresheners are the worst! Depending on how often you hang them inside the bowl, they might be the very thing causing the drain to clog. When the freshener starts disintegrating, bits and pieces of it flow through the tank and get stuck inside.

5.     Overloading Garbage Disposal in the Kitchen

Placing bets on what food items the garbage disposal can chow down faster might seem fun but it can cause severe clogs. One thing you should definitely avoid doing is pouring down grease in the garbage disposal. The grease gets stuck to the wall and hardens over time, forming a clog.

Going the DIY route is never good. Without any knowledge about the inner workings of the drainage system, you might very well be creating a huge problem for yourself. So, call a plumber immediately when you feel the toilet is not flushing properly or see that water remains standing in the sink even after the tap is turned off.