An error-free installation of a water heater is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for a first-time installer. Since it isn’t an everyday investment, the stakes are high when it comes to ensuring that it is installed to perfection. This is one reason why some homeowners want to avoid any unnecessary repairing or damage costs.

But there are many who think they can do it all by themselves. If that person sounds anything like you, here are 8 reasons to change your mind and consider the services of a professional plumber or plumbing firm.

  1. Prevent installation mishaps

Undoubtedly, installing water heater can be a challenge for many. It is more complex than repairing a sink faucet or unclogging the drain. A novice installer can dry-fire the elements, cross thread gas connections, damage delicate parts or worse –forget to elevate when installing it. All these mistakes can be hazardous and lead to costly repairs in the future.

  1. A professional plumber understand venting

Even with the manufacturer’s instruction, many homeowners have difficulty venting the unit properly. Improper venting can cause carbon monoxide build up inside the bathroom which can be life-threatening.

  1. A professional will prevent scalding

Professional plumbers are aware of the temperature setting of different models of water heaters. Wrong use of the thermostat can be dangerous which is why avoiding trying to do it on your own.

  1. Better electrical knowledge

Before installing a water heater it is important that one is fully aware of the house’s electrical capacity and the right wiring material. If this is the first time one is installing a water heater, it is best to seek assistance.

  1. A professional has all that it takes

And by that, we mean the knowledge and expertise. A professional plumbing or plumbing firm has honed their skills with experience. A successful installation of the waste heating is his/her job. Unlike yourself, he/she has a better idea of what they are expected to do.

  1. They are up to date with the latest technology

If it were your job, wouldn’t you have wanted to stay up to date with whatever new technology was being introduced? So do they! They can better guide homeowners with which models and technologies to go for to ensure a safer and longer running of threw ate heater.

  1. A professional knows the right sizing

It is also the part of the job of a plumber to identify which size water heater will be most suitable for the home. They can judge your needs better after calculating the number of your bathrooms, sinks, dishwasher, washing machines etc.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Finally, they are cost-effective. The one reason why homeowners think that can start a DIY installation on their own is to save up on costs. But if one was to calculate the amount of time and energy needed to get the job done and that too, to perfection, calling in a plumber sounds much more stress-free and cost-effectiveness.