There’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to faucet leaks, not only can these leaky faucets increase your consumption by a substantial margin, they are also environmentally unfriendly.  It is true that a single drop does not do much damage, but drop after drop will increase your water consumption. A leaky faucet actually has the capacity of blurting over four liters of water within one hour!

These faucets can also be extremely annoying especially if your bedroom is right next to the bathroom. That harmless noise that dripping water makes, with time can become torture! Besides this, leaky faucets will affect your sink as well. The lime scale that water will leave behind will slowly create a layer around the drain and will inevitable damage the aesthetic facet of your sink permanently.  In most cases a professional faucet leak repair can rectify this issue within a matter of minutes, however if you prolong hiring the services of faucet leak repair then this could result in other issues such as clogs and other plumbing issues.

On the other hand many people have the common misconception that faucet leaks are easy to notice as water is visibly running or does not close completely when turned off. However there are other areas that indicate that you require faucet leak repair. If you want to save substantial costs on plumbing repairs then please consider checking the three locations mentioned below. If you notice that there is a leak in any one of these areas then please consider hiring a faucet leak repair as soon as possible. The two locations that you should check are mentioned below,

Constant leak from the sprout

The first and most prominent location where most faucets leak from is the sprout or mouth of the faucet.  This type of leak is extremely obvious and you can easily identify this just by looking at the faucet, however some faucets are quite sneaky and leak after long intervals. Even if your faucet leaks after huge gaps, this will still take a toll on your water bills. One way to test if your faucet is leaking from the sprout is taping a paper towel to the sprout of the faucet. Check the paper towel after regular intervals, if it is wet then please consider hiring a faucet leak repair service immediately.

Leak around the base of the faucet

Many people often over look this location, as they are under the impression that faucets can only leak from the sprout. Checking this location can also be a little tricky, as while using the sink we often splash a lot of water in this area so we assume that water formation is normal. However you can easily check if the base is leaking by opening both taps, close the taps and then wipe the base of the faucet. Once the base is completely dry, keep a hawk eye on the base to notice if there any leaks or not.

So if you have checked both of these locations and have found a leak, please contact a faucet leak repair service that operates in your area. The longer you wait, the heavier the repair bill!