A forest with bright yellow and orange fall colored leaves. A blue sky with white puffy clouds and some mountains of more trees in the distance.

Is your home’s heating system ready for the winter ahead? Get your home winterized before the cold weather blows into Santa Fe with CaitCo Drainworks seasonal services. CaitCo Drainworks specializes in HVAC, furnaces, boilers, and radiant heating maintenance and repair. No matter how you heat your home, CaitCo Drainworks can help keep your system running its best all winter long. Give us a call today to schedule your seasonal services!

Our seasonal services include:

Shutting down your home’s cooling system

Though the cooler weather may already have you utilizing your home’s cooling system less, it is not enough to just switch the thermostat from cool to heat and call it done for the winter. Fall is the best time to make routine repairs to your cooling system. Letting a problem sit over the winter will only make it bigger and more costly to deal with when the time comes to start up your system again.

Part of our seasonal services for your home’s cooling system include:

  • Changing filters 
  • Making sure all parts are functioning properly
  • Removing debris from around outside units 
  • Powering down the system to avoid accidental startups during warmer winter days 
  • Covering any outside parts that need extra protection from the winter weather

Starting up your home’s heating system

Your home’s heating system has been dormant for the better part of six months and a lot of things can happen in that time. Giving your home’s heating system a proper start up with professional care ensures you won’t be left in the cold when you need your home’s heating system most.

Your heating system benefits from regular inspections and maintenance to keep it running safely, efficiently, and effectively. As part of our seasonal services, a CaitCo Drainworks professional will:

  • Inspect your system for debris
  • Verify boiler water level as boilers can run dry, leading to costly repairs and potential catastrophic failure 
  • Check that fuel valves and dampers are open
  • Check the furnace and flue passes for accumulation
  • Clean and check pumps and blowers 
  • Check the condition and pressure of valves 

Carbon monoxide testing
In addition to shutting down your cooling system and starting up your heating system, CaitCo Drainworks will also inspect your home and gas appliance for carbon monoxide. As temperatures decrease outside, and thermostats increase inside, so does the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t take a chance with carbon monoxide: keep your family safe with an inspection from a trained professional.

Seasonal maintenance and repair services are the best way to keep your home’s heating system running efficiently and effectively all season long. With regular seasonal maintenance, you can prolong the life of your equipment, reduce costs, and keep your home comfortable no matter the weather. Give CaitCo Drainworks a call today to schedule your service!