Radiant Heat Maintenance Santa Fe

Looking to replace your old and inefficient heating system before winter? Then you should learn about the benefits of radiant heaters.

A radiant heating system efficiently warms the indoor space. Instead of heating the air, it transfers heat to surrounding objects. Not only does it keep you warm during winters, but also helps you cut down on electricity consumption.

It’s important to note the average lifespan of a radiant heater is 15-0 years, but through regular maintenance, it can be extended. Here are a few essential maintenance tasks to keep the heating system in good shape:

1. Remove Air

Before you start using the heating system during winters, you should remove excess air. Over time, air gets inside radiators and the plumbing system which negatively affects its performance. By removing this air, you can enhance its performance and increase its lifespan.

Radiant heaters come equipped with a bleeding valve. All you need to do is to loosen them so the air can escape. It’s best to carry out this crucial maintenance task when the heater is on and water is circulating through radiators.

2. Clean Boilers

Well-cleaned boilers improve the radiant heater’s performance and help it maintain the desired indoor temperature. Clean boilers in fall season so it can work at its best when the winter season arrives.

Before it gets cold outside, clean the boiler as well as its fuel system. However, if you’re unsure how to clean the boiler, you should get in touch with professionals for the maintenance work.

3. Repair Leaks

If your radiant heating system is leaking, you should address the problem at the earliest possible stage before it gets out of hand. If there are water stains on your boiler or the floor, it’s a telltale sign the heating system needs repair work.

Water leaks can sprout from different sections of the radiant heater such as the pipework underneath the floor. You may resolve this issue by tightening bolts or by replacing the old valve. However, if water is leaking from the boiler, it can be more serious. Instead of trying to repair it on your own, the safe option is to contact a professional plumber in Santa Fe for the repair work.

4. Ensure Even Distribution of Heat

One of the major benefits of a radiant heater is its ability to keep the entire indoor space warm. You can move from one room to another, feeling the same level of warmth under your feet.

But if you notice there is a particular area of your home seems colder than other spaces, it may indicate your radiant heater isn’t working properly and the water pump needs repairs.

5. Look for Efficient Performance

If you notice the radiant heater isn’t working as it used to during the initial days, you should take actions to enhance its performance. Water leaks, malfunctioning thermostats, and poor circulation can lead to poor performance.

Get in touch with a professional service in Santa Fe to repair the radiant heater before the winter season is here.