CaitCo Drainworks team working outside on a sewer and water line repair.

Family owned and operated since 1999, CaitCo Drainworks is committed to serving Santa Fe and the
surrounding communities with residential and commercial water line and sewer line repair. Pioneers in
innovative Nu Flow, Nu Drain, and Trenchless sewer line repair technologies, CaitCo Drainworks offers a
permanent, safe solution for water line and sewer line repair, while implementing minimally invasive
techniques to safeguard surrounding property.

Utilizing a two-point access process and cutting edge technology, problematic pipes can be located,
repaired, or replaced without the need to cut through foundations, flooring, walls, or even landscaping.
The use of these techniques addresses the problem while preserving the customer’s property and peace
of mind.

In a 2020 Google Review, Lloyd Nichols said, “I just used CaitCo for a leaking main water line because I
was told they use a new process called Nu Flow, where they use an epoxy to line the inside of the pipe. It
worked great and they did not have to tear up the floors or walls to do the work. We are very happy with
the result.”

With the Nu Flow’s Nu Drain process, the existing pipe is pneumatically cleaned and an epoxy-filled liner
is pulled into position inside the existing pipe from one of two access points, where it will cure in place.
Once the pipe is cured, the water line repair or sewer line repair is complete. An added benefit of Nu
Flow’s Nu Drain cured-in place process is a barrier that is erected between older outdated piping material,
providing safer, cleaner water to the customer. Rehabilitated pipes are structurally sound and permanent.
Trenchless sewer pipe repair, sometimes referred to as pipe bursting, utilizes the perimeter of old piping.
When a pipe is beyond repair from any number of reasons, such as tree roots, corrosion, or collapse, a
new polyethylene pipe is inserted into the damaged pipe. A cone-shaped head is attached to the end of a
new pipe and inserted into the old pipe. The attached head then bursts the old pipe as the new pipe is being inserted,
leaving the new pipe in its place. This leaves the landscape unscathed, which saves valuable time on
clean up and restoration.

In a 2019 Google Review, Nicholas Collins said, “Hands down the best plumbing experience we’ve ever
had! Luis was extremely knowledgeable and efficient with diagnosing our problems . . . Thank you very

CaitCo Drainworks is not just a plumbing company — they are your neighbors, they are your fellow
Santa Feans. Built to serve the community through knowledge and passion for their craft, CaitCo
Drainworks dedicates itself to providing consistent, quality care to its customers and community.
Caroline Morgan said in a 2017 Google Review, “You can depend on CaitCo to get the job done! All the
plumbing companies have their specialty and CaitCo is best at repairs and drains. They show up) for
appointments on time, they get the job done correctly . . . the first time! And are friendly and respectful of
your property. Thank you, CaitCo, for an excellent experience.”