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Typical Sewer Line Maintenance

Maintaining your home sewer will help to ensure that you do not face costly plumbing problems. There are many things that you can do in order to help ensure that > Read More…

Are wet wipes flushable?

Are Wet Wipes Flushable?

Baby wipes, makeup wipes, moist wipes, wet wipes… whatever type the wipe may be, we beg you to not throw it down the toilet. “But I bought flushable wet wipes.” > Read More…

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How to Locate Your Water Line

The main water line connection to your house is pretty simple. Your private water service line connects to the public water service line, which then connects to the main water > Read More…

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How Often to Service Your AC

If it’s been some time since you last serviced your AC, you might need to have it serviced by a professional again. Normally, air conditioner service happens annually before peak > Read More…

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Q&A with CaitCo's Jennifer Wilson

1. Where does the name of your company come from? CaitCo is a combination of our kids’ names: Caitlyn and Cody.  We wanted an original name and my dad suggested > Read More…

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5 Tips to Stop Your Drain Pipe from Clogging

Having difficulty with flushing the toilet? There’s probably a rogue tissue stuck somewhere down the drain line or your gum spitting skills finally showed their handy work. In case you > Read More…

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Swamp Cooler

Cost Effective Option A swamp cooler has high energy efficiency and consumes low power, so its operational costs are much less when compared to other similar options. Plus, the upfront > Read More…

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