plumbing questions new mexico

Plumbing is a complex mechanism. It has a lot to do with pipes, drains, temperature, odor, and tanks. Unfortunately, plumbing problems are rather common, and you may face a lot of difficulties if you do not know the basics. Here are seven frequently asked plumbing questions to answer some of the most common concerns:plumbing questions

1. What can clog my garbage disposal unit?

You can put down all kinds of soft material down your garbage disposal unit, but avoid putting things like bone, corn husks or any other solid material. It can clog or break the unit.

2. Do I have rust in my dishwasher?

If you have galvanized pipes, there is a high possibility of them getting rusted. There is no way to get rid of rust or cleaning the rusted pipes. What you can do is replace the old pipe with a new copper one and connect it with the dialectic union. To have the optimum answer for this plumbing question, it is recommended to get a professional inspection of your home plumbing done to resolve the problem.

3. My toilet smells bad. What can I do?

This is one of the frequently asked plumbing questions. The bad smell is because of the bacteria growing in your drain or pipes. Many pipes have bends and curves in them due to the limited spacing in the walls.  These turns catch trash like food, grease or solid waste and if they stay there for too long, they begin to smell. What you can do is clean these curves. You can either take the parts apart and clean them individually or use bleach or vinegar to clear them.

4. How can I protect my pipes from freezing?

With winter season unfolding, you are likely to encounter frozen pipes which instigate a lot of plumbing questions. What you can do is insulate the pipes you have in your home attic and other crawl spaces. Exposed pipes are more at risk of freezing. So, you can use a heating tape to cover them during the colder season. Moreover, make sure all the leaks are sealed well.

5. How can I make my water heater work faster?

If you have a tank water heater working around the clock, seven days a week – you should consider getting a new heater installed. Older heaters take more time and energy to heat the water, whereas, newer and better quality heaters can heat the water up more quickly and with less energy.  This saves you time waiting for your shower to warm up in the morning, and money on your energy bill! Score!

6. Why is my water bill rising?

This is a frequently asked plumbing question. The most common reason for an increase in your water bill could be from an unfound leak.  The best way to address it is to get the water line repair professionals on board and get your home plumbing thoroughly checked. They can help you find any leaks jacking up your monthly bill.

7. There are strange noises coming from my water heater. Why?

Noises can be an indicator of a serious issue in your heater. There can be multiple reasons for the occurrence. It could be due to either: a short-circuit that blew away your circuit breakers or the heater is starting to build sediment which is clogging your unit. If there is a clog, this would require more power to heat the water. Your best bet is to get professional help to drain the water from the heater completely and get a thorough inspection.  Catching the odd noises in their early stages can help save your pocketbook later on.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us!  Otherwise, here’s a list of the most common plumbing repairs in New Mexico.  More than likely, others are struggling with the same plumbing issues.