drain replacement new mexico

The sewer/drain framework is one of the most important systems in your home and an essential part of most of your day to day activities. The performance of your plumbing system is also directly affected by it. So when you encounter a broken or blocked sewer/drain line; you are confronted with a plumbing emergency that will require immediate response and resolution.

Drain line repairs are technical and complex, so it is imperative to quickly call a trusted, qualified professional in Santa Fe to get it taken care of.

To refrain from the need for repairs and drain line substitution, it is in your best interest to perform upkeep and preventative maintenance as well as have the drain line frequently checked for any damage or issues. With that said, what happens if you are faced with complications and need to manage a broken or stopped up sewer line? and when do you know it is time to call a plumbing professional? Here are a few signs to watch out for that indicate you should call for drain line repair or substitution.

1.     Drain blockages and water reverse

If you’re encountering stops up or water reverse, it is an indication that you have some drain or sewer issue. This will generally be noticed when using the toilet, sink, shower, or bath. If you’re encountering these backups and are unsuccessful in resolving them on your own, contact a professional plumber in Santa Fe to have your drain line examined and repaired.

2.     Drain Smell

A sterile drain should be water/air proof at all points except for the vent stacks. Drain odor around your Santa Fe property could be an indication that there is a break or a stop up somewhere in your drain line.

3.     Slow drainage

Slow draining may be an indication that a blockage is forming in somewhere along the line, which will eventually create a blockage and drain backup. In the event that your bath, sink, or toilet is depleting slowly, it is in your best interest to enlist the help of a professional plumber in Santa Fe to identify and resolve the issue before it gets out of hand.

4.     Wet spots on your yard

Should you notice clammy, spongy, or bulged patches of ground in the yard, this could mean that there are pockets of water underneath the surface of your garden. This often indicates that you may have undetected breaks in your drain line which should be quickly dealt with by a professional.

5.     Patches of grass

Have you found an extra green patch of grass? Have your plants started to thrive and grow shockingly fast? This could be the result of a drain line providing an additional watering source for the area. Although this may seem like a positive result, it often indicates an underlying problem that, if left unattended, could become catastrophic.

6.     Septic waste in the yard

One of the most common and obvious signs that you are faced with a broken drain line is wastewater pooling in the yard. You might find that you have a broken primary line, septic tank, or a stopped up drain field under the pool of the drain water. This pool will often have a foul odor as it contains fecal matter and infectious waste.

If you have observed one or more of the signs given above, call CaitCo Cares in Santa Fe today to get the problem fixed. The experts at CaitCo Drainworks will arrive quickly and prepared to analyze and repair your drain line. From drain cleaning to extensive repairs, CaitCo does it all!