Drains are all around you in your house; in your kitchen, in your bathroom, and on the roof. When those drains become clogged, it is a hassle that you want to get over with quick so you try to do it yourself.

But that doesn’t always work and may even worsen the problem!

If your pipes get damaged because of your DIY techniques, you might need to have expensive repairs done that you may not have needed in the first place. So the help of a professional for your drain problems is necessary. You need to know a few signs that help you figure out when you need drain cleaning by professionals.

Standing Water Near Appliances

When you have water near or inside appliances that is going nowhere, you have a blocked drain on your hands. It’s a clear sign of blockage that needs to be dealt with right away. There is probably a block near the mouth of the drain. It is blocking the flow of the water down the drainage pipe. When the block is relatively small, i.e. there is some drainage, you might be able to pry it out.

If there is a total blockage of the drain entry, you need professional help to come and clear up the blockage without causing any damage.

Faucets and Showerheads are not Throwing Water Like They Used to

A drain clog can happen at the end of a pipe where the water drains away. Or it can happen at the source of the water, such as a showerhead or a faucet. The most common cause of this type of drainage clog is the mineral content of the water you are using.

The little stones or rocks that you see when professionals unclog your faucets and showerheads or the dirty water that you see during the same unclogging is a result of these minerals and dirt found in your water.

When you see that the faucet or shower head is clogged, you’ll see a drop in water pressure or a complete loss of water from that area even with the knobs turned up all the way.

Drainage has Slowed Down or Stopped Completely

A clogged pipe doesn’t clog up all of a sudden, it takes some time to happen.

It reduces the drainage rate first causing what we know as a slow drain. The water will start to drain slower and slower until it doesn’t drain at all.

When it stops completely, the water will begin to pool near the drain and around it. This is when you know you need to have a professional come and take a look at your drainage. This is especially true if only one of your drains is showing this issue and the others are perfectly fine.

Smelly Drains

This is another hint that can indicate a clogged drain. Not all clogs will cause a bad smell that will start to flow up the drain and spread to the surrounding area. This smelly issue can be caused by hair (in bathrooms), organic waste (in kitchen sinks) amongst other things.

You need to have professional drain cleaning services when you notice these 4 things. So contact Caitco Drainworks to get professional drain cleaning for your home.