You may have come across many blogs with DIY plumbing projects. Where it is true that many of the plumbing tasks can be executed by yourself, it is highly unlikely for an inexperienced individual to carry out a drain repair or replacement all by themselves.

This is because dealing with drain repair and replacement requires an immense amount of knowledge, experience, expertise and adequate tools to execute the task at hand with excellence.

If you lack adequate knowledge about drain repair and replacement, you would only be sabotaging the drainage system of your house, especially if you go wrong at one place. This is why when it comes to drain repair and replacement; you should always consider seeking the assistance of a professional instead of trying DIY projects.

Why do you need drain repair and replacement?

It is common for drain systems to clog every once in a while which is why professionals suggest regular inspection of the drainage system. However, a lot of times, basic cleaning of the drainage system fails to show results and plumbing problems continue to arise. More situations where you would require drain repair and replacement are:

  • Enormous amounts of grease builds up within the tubes and restricts the flow of water
  • An alienated object sneaks inside the drain and hinders the flow of water such as match sticks
  • A pipe with unwelcomed openings and cracks caused due to the accumulation of debris, dirt or even frozen bits of water during extreme winters
  • The expiration of a pipe due to the lengthy tenures of time through which it has survived
  • A pipe that has created a basin due to a bend in its structure. This bend acts as the dumpster where waste such as paper, debris, soil or even grease accumulate and hinder the flow of water.
  • Poor initial installation of pipe which causes a disturbance in the way two pipes connect. This causes cracks in the alignment of the two pipes, causing leakages

In such cases, unclogging of drains would only cause them to re-clog within a short period of time. This is because the fault lies in the roots and not the surface. You must decide whether you want to repair or replace the drain system in order to prevent frequent recurring clogs

Drain repairs: Drain lines are repaired with the assistance of back-actors or backhoes that are operated in a manner where they dig up the area until the damaged pipeline is accessed. The type of damage indicates whether the line needs repair or replacement. Repairs are generally needed when damages are caused because of the way the pipe was installed or when an excessive amount of grease has accumulated.

Drain replacement: Once again, based on the type of damage to the drain line, replacement is executed. When the pipe lines have completely decayed or eroded, conventional means such as trenchless replacements of the drain are used where a new pipeline is installed in place of the old one.

Whether you require a drain repair or replacement, the wiser decision is to opt for a professional’s help.