Cooler weather arrived in Santa Fe, NM, much sooner this year than in years past. It’s time to look at performing maintenance on your home’s heating system, weather it’s a forced air furnace or a radiant heating system.

Furnace and Boiler maintenance and repair is important. Maintaining  it will ensure you are doing what is needed to make your family safe, keep your home warm and extend the life of your furnace. Here are the steps that need to be take to make sure your system is in working order.

  1.  Follow proper procedures and either clean or replace unit filters
  2.  Make certain the door to the furnace is shut correctly
  3.  Make certain all ventilation access points are free of obstruction
  4.  Make certain the furnace pilot light is lit
  5.  Make certain the power is going to the furnace and in working order
  6.  Make certain the setting on thermostat is correct

Call CaitCo Drainworks, a Santa Fe, NM, the home heating professionals. We are experts when it comes to home heating systems and we have the tools and know how to make sure your system is working right, safely and efficiently for the 2016/2017 winter in Santa Fe.