winterize swamp cooler Albuquerque

winterize swamp cooler

Winter season is just around the corner – and do you know what that means? It calls for you to winterize your swamp cooler!

Just as you will be taking extra care of your health and preparing for the cold in this season, your evaporative cooler also deserves some care. Winterizing your swamp cooler is one of the most important services you can do to keep your cooler working in great condition and save yourself the hassle of repairing unwanted breakdowns.

Your swamp cooler works for you 24/7 throughout the summer season to provide maximum comfort for you and your family members – it would not be fair to not take care of it when needed.

Here are four reasons why you should winterize your swamp cooler.

1. Securing the Water Supply Line

The water supply line connected to your evaporative cooler needs to be winterized unless you are okay with it bursting due to the freezing cold weather.

The explosion of a water supply line only requires a temperature of 32 degrees for an hour time – and you will be left frustrated with the costly repairs.

2. Beating Corrosion

Apparently, your swamp cooler may be made of plastic material but it has to has some metal working parts, such as the motor and water circulating pump. These metal parts cannot afford to stand water in a confined area where there is no air around – and will simply corrode with time.

Hence, standing water can cause significant damage to your cooler as a whole. So, winterize your swamp cooler and prevent corrosion to keep your cooler running optimally.   

3. Keeping the Cooler Clean

Cleaning and maintaining your swamp cooler is the only way to keep it working in the long run.

After a thorough cleaning session, you would want to cover your cooler with some kind of a protective cover. This cover will prevent winter dust from entering into the motor and air ducts, ensuring no run through of dust storm into your home in summers.

This will also keep heat from escaping from your evaporative cooler opening. 

4. Preventing the Growth of Bacteria

It is important for you to winterize your swamp cooler because allowing water to stand for 3 to 4 months will only cause bacteria to grow on your filter media, posing serious health risks for you and your family.

Moreover, the smell of mildew will likely be spread throughout the air delivery system and can perhaps even enter your home, thanks to winter winds. This will only add respiratory issues to the already dreaded winter colds problem.

If you have invested in a high-performance swamp cooler with Celdek pads, it, unfortunately, increases the chances of mildew collection and calcium buildup. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to clean and dry out the cooler during the winter season to prevent the frequent need for replacement. You can easily use a swamp cooler with its filters lasting for 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance.