Furnace-Boiler Repair and Installation Albuquerque NM

Furnace and Boiler maintenance and repair is important. Maintaining  it will ensure you are doing what is needed to make your family safe, keep your home warm and extend the life of your furnace. A furnace that is not operating correctly or not even turning on can be related to a variety of problems. Here are measures that can be taken to figure out what the matter of the problem is, such as the following:

  • Follow proper procedures and either clean or replace unit filters
  • Make certain the door to the furnace is shut correctly
  • Make certain all ventilation access points are free of obstruction
  • Make certain the furnace pilot light is lit
  • Make certain the power is going to the furnace and in working order
  • Make certain the setting on thermostat is correct

    Albuquerque NM, homeowners do not panic if the measures taken featured here do not resolve your furnace problem. The next step to take is to pick up the telephone and call CaitCo Drainworks, an Albuquerque, NM heating professional. The company is professional and has the necessary training and tools to determine what the cause of the problem with your heater.

Carbon Monoxide Tests Albuquerque NM

CaitCo Drainworks company policy regarding carbon monoxide home safety is for its furnace parts repair service technicians to conduct a carbon monoxide test on each heating unit in its customer’s  Albuquerque NM home boiler or furnace, at the end of each job. This is a highly critical due to the fact that for pets and people, carbon monoxide cannot be detected through smell, it makes people and animals very ill and it can cause death. CaitCo Drainworks offers professional furnace parts repair and boiler repair service in Albuquerque, NM.

Furnace Installation Albuquerque NM

CaitCo Drainworks expert service technicians know how to both repair and install every manufacturer make or model furnace being installed today and how to work on older models too. Albuquerque NM weather patterns often exhibit wide temperature swings from the start to the finish of a day. CaitCo Drainworks check each furnace electrical, correct air flow through air filter valves, gas pressure and flame efficiency. Call CaitCo Drainworks in Albuquerque at 505-899-6868 for new furnace or boiler installation or repair on your electric or gas furnace.

Boiler Repair and Installation  Albuquerque NM

CaitCo Drainworks are highly skilled boiler repair experts with extensive on the job time fixing this type of heater. During each service call our technicians follow boiler protocol by doing the following: check heat and temperature distribution; check each boiler valve, pump, vent and pressure. For low efficiency boilers each unit is check to make certain there is no condensation. It will destroy a boiler due to condensation developing a white powder which keeps gases from venting the right way and it often causes the boiler to clog.

Air Duct Cleaning & Inspection Albuquerque NM

Air ducts in Albuquerque NM homes that carry heating and cooling compile dust, pet dander and dirt. This material is quite often extremely tough for allergy sufferers and can cause health issues. The solution to this unsavory material is to hire CaitCo Drainworks to come inspect your home or office ducts and then hire the company to professionally clean them. It is a fact that having your ducts cleaned will better your home or business air quality and extend the life and improved the productivity of your cooling and heating system.


Albuquerque NM home owners, if you are having issues with your forced air furnace or boiler and find repairs are required call the people you can trust that will get the job done right, CaitCo Drainworks!
For Boiler and Gas Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Albuquerque NM Call 505-899-6688 in Albuquerque and Make an Appointment Today with CaitCo Drainworks