Furnace and Boiler Repair and Installation

Furnace and Boiler maintenance and repair is important. A furnace that is not operating correctly or not even turning on can be related to a variety of problems. Here are measures that can be taken to figure out what the matter of the problem is:

• Follow proper procedures and either clean or replace unit filters
• Make certain the door to the furnace is shut correctly
• Make certain all ventilation access points are free of obstruction
• Make certain the furnace pilot light is lit
• Make certain the power is going to the furnace and in working order
• Make certain the setting on thermostat is correct

Don’t panic if the measures taken featured here do not resolve your furnace problem. The next step to take is to pick up the telephone and call CaitCo Drainworks.

Carbon Monoxide Tests

Our service technicians conduct a carbon monoxide test on each heating unit they service. This is a highly critical because carbon monoxide cannot be detected through smell and it can make you ill or even kill you.

Furnace Installation

CaitCo Drainworks expert service technicians know how to repair and install most makes and models of furnace. CaitCo Drainworks check each furnace electrical, correct air flow through air filter valves, gas pressure and flame efficiency.

Boiler Repair and Installation

CaitCo Drainworks checks heat and temperature distribution and checks each boiler valve, pump, vent and pressure. For low-efficiency boilers each unit is check to make certain there is no condensation, which can destroy a boiler.

Air Duct Cleaning & Inspection

Air ducts can fill with dust, pet dander and dirt. This material can affect allergy sufferers and can cause health issues. CaitCo can inspect your home or office ducts and have them cleaned. Clean ducts will improve your home or business air quality and extend the life of your cooling and heating system.

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