A furnace is the primary component of most of the domestic heating options. In this blog, we will try to quickly provide you the details of different types of furnaces available for home heating.

Classification of Home Heating Furnaces by Fuel Type

For domestic purposes, a furnace is available in two different fuel models.

  • Gas Furnace
  • Electric Furnace

Gas Furnace

A gas furnace is the most reliable and efficient means for heating domestic spaces. Powered by natural gas, this home heating solution can be integrated with the ductwork of your air conditioning system to provide better delivery of heat all through the home space. Moreover, they are also cost-efficient as compared to electrical variants.

Nonetheless, gas furnaces leave a significant carbon footprint, which is detrimental to our already deteriorating ecosystem. Furthermore, if they are not maintained and repaired by professional HVAC contractors, then you may have to suffer more breakdowns of your domestic gas furnace.

Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are modernized and efficient solution for domestic heating with less emission of greenhouse gases. Electric furnaces are ideal for the regions where temperatures don’t stay below zero throughout the winters (just like in New Mexico). However, an electric furnace can significantly increase your energy bills if you not using it watchfully.

Both of these furnaces have their merits and downsides. Therefore, let’s have a look at different instances where one furnace option should be preferred over the other.

  • For bigger households, gas furnace with ductwork is a better option due to its greater power and cost-efficient fuel
  • Electric furnaces are ideal for homes where you don’t require centralized home heating
  • An electric furnace is a suitable option for people concerned with their domestic carbon footprints
  • If you want to couple your air conditioning with heating option, then go with gas furnace installation



Classification of Home Heating Furnaces by Construction

According to their nature of installation in the house, furnaces are usually classified into two different constructions.

  • Wall Furnace
  • Floor Furnace

Wall Furnace

It is a relatively new type of domestic furnaces. Wall furnace is also aesthetically good for indoors and doesn’t occupy any floor spacing. It can usually be installed in two different ways: you can recess them in the wall or have them mounted on the surface. Wall furnaces are also available in both, vents and unvented assemblies. So, pick the one which is more convenient for your domestic use.

Floor Furnace

If your home doesn’t have a centralized HVAC system, then floor furnace is the right option for you to maintain the warmth of your abode in winters. They are cost-efficient options and installed in locations where there is less foot traffic. For spot home heating, where you don’t want heated air all across your home space, floor furnace should be considered.

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