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The days are getting longer and hotter, and that can only mean one thing — summer is right around the corner! Make sure your air conditioner can keep up with the New Mexico summer heat by scheduling your annual HVAC system inspection with a CaitCo Drainworks professional HVAC technician today.

Our HVAC professionals will ensure that your air conditioning system is running at peak performance through a complete and thorough inspection of your entire system. Not only can you prevent more costly repairs down the road with routine maintenance, but keeping your air conditioning system in top shape also saves money on your electric bill while keeping you cool. With regular, preventive maintenance you can breathe easy that your system will perform reliably and efficiently for years to come.

In addition to scheduling your annual air conditioner inspection, you yourself can perform regular preventive maintenance to help keep your HVAC system at its best. 

First, replace your filter monthly. The filter for your HVAC system has a big job – it filters out pollen, pet fur and dander, dirt, dust, mold spores, and more, keep your home safer and more comfortable. When a filter becomes too full of these particles, air has a hard time passing through, causing your system to work less efficiently and effectively. 

Second, inspect the area around your outdoor air conditioning equipment to keep it clear of any obstructions or yard debris. Make it a seasonal habit to clean up the area around your condenser and keep at least a two-foot clearance around your equipment. Giving it plenty of space and keeping the area clear will help your condenser safely work at full capacity. 

Third, clean the air vents to remove dust and debris, and check to make sure they are not obstructed by objects or furniture that could prevent adequate air flow and place unnecessary stress on your system. CaitCo Drainworks recommends leaving all your vents open during the summer. Closed vents can put pressure on the blower, possibly causing strain on the system that leads to malfunctions. 

Fourth, to maximize air flow, lower your cooling costs, and help your system work effectively during the hottest time of the year, CaitCo Drainworks suggests utilizing fans along with your air conditioner. Fans help circulate cool air through your home, cooling your space faster and keeping it cool longer. Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise in the summer to push cool air down and around your space. 

Finally, energy-efficient window coverings can help insulate your home by blocking ultraviolet exposure and solar heat.

Providing routine maintenance to your HVAC system will keep you comfortable today and save you money tomorrow! Call your CaitCo Drainworks professional HVAC technician for a maintenance inspection today!