Hydro Jet Drain Clog Cleaning Santa Fe Albuquerque

A clogged drain in your Santa Fe or Albuquerque home is no laughing matter. Literally nothing connected to water and the drain connected at the top of the clog can be used. If your kitchen sink is clogged you cannot operate your sink, your dishwasher or your garbage disposal. Think about it for a minute. You cannot wash a dish, clean your vegetables or even get a drink of water. What’s the next step you need to take to resolve the matter? The short answer is to call Caitco Drainworks, top plumbing company in the area. The longer answer is to call them, have them come out to your home and then watch them put their Hydro Jet Cleaning drain clog removal equipment to work.

Caitco Drainworks Hydro Jet Cleaning – The Drain Clog Cleaning Answer

Hydro jet cleaning works its drain clog cleaning magic by spraying 4,000 dpi high pressure water through your home’s pipes to remove the debris and build-up causing the clog. Sewer or drain lines need to be 4 inches or wider to be able to use a hydro jet cleaning equipment. It is perfect to break up tough blockages like large grease build ups. A hydro jet cleaning system is comprised of a big water tank, a high pressure pump and a high-pressure water hose. The systems sprays high pressure water down the pipe lines, pushing out debris such as grease, clearing out the pipe completely.