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best plumber for the job

A plumber can either make or break your home. “What makes a good plumber?” Imagine having a pool of applicants and you have to narrow it down to one. On what key qualities will you be evaluating the plumbers?

Their age?

Proximity to the house?

Referrals from neighbors?

Sadly, none of these has anything to do with the capabilities of the plumber. There several other characteristics you missed just because you neighbor told you that the plumber he called did a good job. Maybe your neighbor’s plumbing problem involved fixing a leaky faucet. It has an easy solution and is fixed in a matter of few minutes. On the other hand, your plumbing problem is far more complex.

Are you getting our point?

Then let’s get down to business. Following are a few qualities of a plumber that will help you hire a good and qualified one:


A licensed plumber is above all others and should always be your first choice. Carrying a license means that they are certified to perform plumbing repairs. They have enough knowledge to have one look at the problem and tell you the solution.


Experience matters A LOT! It tells you that the plumber has gained immense knowledge over the years and can perform the repairs without any mistake.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

You know how it goes: plumbing problems never follow a routine. They spring up at any time and leave you with this huge mess that can cause many problems. The plumber you hire must offer 24-hour emergency service.

Offer Different Services

Does your plumber have a fully functioning website? Their online portfolio will help you in finding out what types of services they offer. Remember: you are looking for someone who offers more than just house re-piping. From fixing clogged toilets to locating leaks, installing the sprinkler systems, and repairing bathtubs, your plumber should be able to offer a wide variety of plumbing solutions.

Follow the Safety Procedures

Make sure that the plumber is insured, so that if any mishap occurs on the property, you are not held liable. Safety goes beyond insurance. The plumber should be in proper attire and handle tools wearing gloves so that he is not injured while doing his job.

Good Communication Skills

Often people disregard this characteristic when in fact, it is quite important. A plumber should have the decency and right training to listen to you attentively. He should communicate all the possible solutions clearly and list down any future problems that might occur based on the decision you take. Don’t look for answers that will ease your mind, but the ones that will eliminate your any plumbing problems.

One characteristic of a good plumber is that he should be punctual. If he arrives at your house right on time, then you can be assured that he is invested in repairing your house. Whether the plumber is an independent handyman or works with a company, you should make sure that he has each one of the above mentioned characteristics.

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