It’s cold and the temperature outside is inching down to single digits this week several times in Santa Fe. Most of us don’t want to think of repairing, replacing or maintaining our heating system now but when it’s time, it’s time. By doing the work now you before it gets really, really cold you get to miss the rush on Santa Fe Plumbing companies for this type of work. On top of that, your system will be ready to go when it starts to get cold. The phrase “why put things off?” comes to mind when thinking about working on your heating system.
Furnace and Boiler replacement, maintenance, and repair is important. Maintaining it will ensure you are doing what is needed to make your family safe, keep your home warm and extend the life of your furnace. A furnace that is not operating correctly or not even turning on can be related to a variety of problems.

Furnace Installation Santa Fe NM

CaitCo Drainworks expert service technicians know how to both repair and install every manufacturer make or model furnace being installed today and how to work on older models too. Santa Fe, NM and Albuquerque NM weather patterns often exhibit wide temperature swings from the start to the finish of a day. CaitCo Drainworks check each furnace electrical, correct air flow through air filter valves, gas pressure and flame efficiency. Call CaitCo Drainworks in Santa Fe at 505-424-9191 or Albuquerque at 505-899-6868 for new furnace or boiler installation or repair on your electric or gas furnace.

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