Hot water can be used as a source for heating homes. This happens when you use hot water air handlers. They’re sometimes called combined “hydronic” air handlers because they use a water heater of high efficiency and double as an air handler.

How Hot Water Air Handlers Work

When the heat is turned on in the hot water air handler, there is a small pump that shoots hot water from the heater towards the coils in the air handler. The surrounding air is warmed when it flows over the coils and is transported through your HVAC system ductwork.

The mechanism is similar to that of an AC, except there is cool air instead of a refrigerant flowing through the coils, warming up the air instead of cooling it down. You get a double advantage because the water heater functions as it is supposed to, additionally, in the hot water air handler.

This means you can have those warm baths, hot water to wash the dishes, do the laundry and more.

When you buy a hot water air handler, you need to make certain that the water heater component of the handler is of the correct rating. This is so that your air and water heating needs can be met at the same time without any additional pressure on the water heater.

There are great advantages for the hot water air handler when you have one of correct design and installed by a professional.

Advantages of Hot Water Air Handlers

There are many alternatives for heating a home. Furnaces were common but hot water air handlers are stepping up as well. If both systems (furnace and handler) are of equal rating, the simpler the system, the better. Hot water air handlers take that category.

They require less maintenance and there are less complications that may arise because of that. Although the efficiency ratings for these devices are simplified more, hot water air handlers are cost-efficient options for home heating. Of course, we are comparing to gas furnaces that are very expensive to operate because of the gas bill that accompanies them.

Plus, hot water air handlers also provide a greater comfort level in comparison to furnaces. The heating you get is efficient and more comfortable and it has a limit of around 130°F. This is ideal because all homes must be mildly warm for greater comfort.

Hot temperatures from furnaces may cause discomfort later on if it doesn’t distribute evenly. A hot water air handler gives warm air that allows the air in the rooms to be spread out more evenly. Hot water air handlers can even fine-tune the air more effectively.

When air gets too hot in a furnace, you can get a few problems. The quick rise of hot air (Science 101) can cause it to escape quickly through the attic. This may increase your heating bills and further burden your pocket, as well as reduce the air quality be charging up organic dust particles. A hot water air handler doesn’t get that hot and the risk of these irritants is minimized.

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