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When you accidentally spill water, you may immediately wipe it with a mop. After all, you don’t want anyone to slip and fall due to this water puddle.

Similarly, leaking pipes are a big problem, but they are often ignored by homeowners.

A small leak from the pipes may seem a minor issue and procrastinating calling a plumber may be appealing. But you would never do so if you knew of the risks associated with leaking pipes.

Since the plumbing pipes usually run through walls, the leakage problems remain unnoticed before they lead to significant damages. As soon as you notice water leaks, get in touch with a professional plumber at the earliest.

If you don’t address the water leaks immediately, it may lead to the following huge problems:

Mold Growth

Water leaks behind bathtubs or under a sink usually go unnoticed, but they can lead to mold growth. If you notice black mold growing on walls or under the sink, then aside from removing mold, you should also address the leakage problem to avoid an even worse mold growth problem down the line.

Black mold not only ruins the appeal of your home, it also leads to various health issues. It negatively affects the indoor air quality and leads to allergic reactions, skin irritation, breath shortness, cough, and chest tightness. You can improve health conditions by repairing water leaks during the early stages.

Damages to the House Structure

Since the plumbing pipes are installed behind walls, a leakage problem can easily damage the structure of your house. If you notice wet spots on walls without any known reason, it’s an indication the plumbing pipes are leaking. If you leave the leakage problem unattended, it can lead to costly damages.

Water leaks may also damage your floor. If the tiles suddenly appear discolored and distorted, it may be a sign you have a leakage problem.

Electrical Problems

Most electric cables run through the walls and the ceiling. If plumbing pipes inside the walls are leaking, they may tamper with the electrical wires. Since water and electricity don’t go well together, it increases the risk of short-circuits and fire accidents.

This is big one – can keep your family safe and mitigate the risks of life-threatening accidents by addressing the leakage problem without delays.

Damage to Fixtures

When you build your new house or renovate the bathroom, you may choose expensive, high-quality faucets, shower heads, bathtubs, and other equipment. However, these fixtures can easily get damaged if there’s a leakage issue.

Water leaks ruin the fixtures. Moreover, if the faucets and shower heads aren’t in good condition, the water pressure will also decrease. These costly damages can be avoided.

Plumbing problems can arise anytime. So, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional plumbing service available 24/7.

Whenever you notice a leakage problem, contact us and we can save you tons of money in the future!