With summer at its peak, it’s important you get the most efficient cooling system for your home. Yes, that can be a struggle because there’s just too many to choose from! While that may be the case, most people are left with choosing between the two most commonly used cooling systems: Evaporative cooling and air conditioning. If you’re amongst those people who simply can’t figure it out then experts at CaitCo Drainworks in Santa Fe, NM suggests that you start by knowing what the difference between the two is.

Evaporative Cooling Vs. Air Conditioning

It’s really not as tough of a decision as people think it is, you just have to begin with understanding your requirements and which of the two best fits into it. Here are a few differences between evaporative cooling and air conditioning as told by CaitCo Drainworks in Santa Fe, NM which will make the task easier for you.

  • Moisture

An evaporative cooler is keen on providing more moisture. While air conditions are known to remove moisture, evaporative coolers work in the completely opposite way which means, if you’re someone who often deals with asthma and allergies then the evaporative cooler is the best solution for you. It even keeps your skin and eyes from drying out, a common problem air conditioner users have to deal with.

  • Cost

Evaporative cooler is cheaper to purchase and maintain as compared to your traditional air conditioner. It’s not only about low installation costs but rather about the cost of maintenance since it doesn’t require anything more than the seasonal maintenance. Apart from that, it’s also quite economical which means it helps you save energy and thus the operational costs become minimal. As compared to air conditioners, these coolers are a much-preferred choice when it comes to saving money.

  • Air Quality

Evaporative coolers work by transferring outside air into your room or house. That means, even if you leave your windows and doors open, you can still benefit from a sufficiently cool room. This is often considered as a good thing since the same air isn’t being circulated and you get an adequate amount of fresh air unlike in the case of air conditioners.

  • Environment

Evaporative coolers are known to be more environmentally friendly as compared to traditional air conditioners because it emits less carbon dioxide. You also wouldn’t have to deal with noise pollution in the case of evaporative coolers which means you can easily use them in your bedrooms, office or any other areas where you need to keep a check on your noise levels.

The Verdict?

Well, at the end of the day, it all depends on your requirements. People who have a problem with noise and live in a place with a dry climate choose evaporative coolers. Although air conditioners are often known to maintain the temperature and provide better cooling, evaporative coolers are known as the better option since many people suffer from allergies and dry skin.

If you believe that evaporative coolers are the best option for you then simply contact a professional contractor and note down all the things you should do to prepare for the installation. If you’re having trouble then simply contact us and trust that we will do the dirty work for you!