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If it’s been some time since you last serviced your AC, you might need to have it serviced by a professional again. Normally, air conditioner service happens annually before peak summer time (usually spring). This ensures that you’re not left in the sweltering heat on a hot summer day.

Here are a few things that you need to know about some common AC services and when you need to have them done.

Filter Change

There’s nothing that can be worse for air conditioner efficiency than a choked up and dirty air filter.  You’d be surprised how often you need to change your AC’s air filter, especially in peak months. If you use it often, you need to get the filter replaced each.

For replacement filters, you need to check the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The more the MERV value, the better it filters. But that high value also results in greater energy expenditure to pull the air through the filter.

Therefore, always balance air quality with the energy costs when getting a replacement filter. Sounds technical? A professional service technician can help you out.

Getting More Airflow

If you close too many doors inside your house, there is likely to be airflow problems, especially if you have a ductless AC. To maintain the balance of airflow, leave your doors open just a crack.

Compressor and Condenser Service

The compressor and condenser discharge the heat pulled from the indoors. It functions best if there is clear space for 25 inches in all directions.

This means that when you need to get it serviced annually, the professional technician will clear out any leaves, grass, tree branches and other debris before servicing the compressor and condenser.

You need to protect the condenser unit from sunlight. You can choose to do this by either having the units installed on the north or east side of the house, or build a protective shield to help avoid the sun. Sunlight exposure can severely impact the efficiencies of your air conditioning units, sometimes by up to 10%.

Coolant/Refrigerant Recharge

Do you notice that your AC is not cooling as well as it used to? You may need to get the coolant or refrigerant recharged. The professional technicians usually find if you need to change the refrigerant during your yearly AC service.

If you feel that you need to have your AC serviced by a professional technician, feel free to contact us at Cait Co Cares.