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Forced air gas furnace is a heating system that is used in both residential as well as commercial buildings. The system consists of a blower, air filter, coils and heat exchanger. Moreover, the thermostat is also extremely important, as it allows you to maintain the required temperature. The central heating system requires vents and ducts through which it can provide heat to different rooms. It uses air to transfer heat to different areas of a building.

Installation of a forced-air gas furnace is a complex task. Therefore, a majority of people prefer to hire professional workers for efficient work. It also allows them to save time. However, you can also install it on your own to save costs. Make sure that you are aware of the method of its installation to avoid damaging the heating system.

Installation Process:

Every HVAC unit comes with manufacturer’s specifications. These details are provided with the package when you purchase a new forced air gas fired furnace. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided in the manual to avoid damaging the system. Try to avoid making any mistake, since some manufacturers cancel the warranty if you choose DIY method for its installation.

Ducts and Vents:

Once you have installed the system, you have to carefully deal with the ductwork. It will transfer heat from the main system to different areas of your home. Vents and ducts provide hot air to different rooms and redirect room air to the heating unit for re-heating. Make sure that you apply the duct system at the shortest distance, so as to enhance the efficiency of the system. Secure ducts with the help of screws for efficient air supply.

Return Air Box:

You also need to install grills in ceiling or floor with the help of screws. A return air box also comes with the heating unit. Its purpose is to collect return air from ducts. It is present below the heating system and all duct systems are connected to it. It also has a slot for an air filter. The air filter is an optional component. However, it is recommended to install a filter to improve air quality.

Gas Supply:

You need to provide gas supply to the furnace so that it can efficiently heat up room air. Turn off the main gas supply before starting to work. Get flexible stainless steel pipes to connect the system to a gas supply. You will need a pipe threading tool if you intend to cut pipes on your own. Use a large amount of pipe thread sealant to connect the pieces of pipes. Look for potential gas leaks and seal with without a delay.


Installation of a thermostat allows you to specify required temperature. The forced-air gas fired furnace ensures that the air is heated to the required level. Modern thermostats are programmable. You can specify different temperatures for different times of the day. You have to connect the system to an electric supply so that you can use its controls and thermostat.