Hydro Jet Drain and Sewer Cleaning 

Hydro jet drain cleaning is one of the most effective systems available today for cleaning out clogged drains and sewer lines.

How it Works

A hydro jet is a sophisticated plumbing tool consisting of a high-pressure hose and special nozzles that can be attached to the terminal end. It connects to a machine that pressurizes water, whose force then frees clogs from the drain. The 4,000 PSI high-pressure water forces out debris, creating a clear, clean pipe for water flow. Hydro jet works well when sewer lines are long, four inches or wider, have tough blockages, or are clogged with large amounts of grease.

Sewer & Drain Line Preventative Maintenance Program

To help keep sewer and drain lines open and flowing, CaitCo Drainworks also offers businesses and homeowners sewer and drain line preventative maintenance programs. Our monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual maintenance plans will keep your sewer lines open and extend their lifespan, helping to prevent a complete sewer replacement from ever becoming necessary.

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