Santa Fe, it’s the coolest summer/fall  in recent times. That means the use of your evaporative cooler is most likely cut short this year and you’ve turned it off because the temperatures are not as high this year in 2016. Now that it’s cooler it’s time to it down, perform maintenance and cover it up for the winter.

Swamp coolers in Santa Fe NM and Albuquerque NM should absolutely be shut down correctly each year when the weather cools off before winter starts. Caitco Drainworks highly trained technicians drain off the water from your swamp cooler reservoir, turn off the water to the system, remove the build-up of minerals and tie down the swamp cooler cover to it if you have one on hand.

When spring turns towards summer call CaitCo Drainworks at our Santa Fe at 505-424-9191, or Albuquerque office at 505-899-6688, to start your swamp cooler back up to make sure its operating correctly and keeping you cool during the hot months of the year.

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