Air Conditioning Repair Santa Fe NM by Caitco Drainworks


Albuquerque, NM, and Santa Fe, NM are really hot right now, with temperatures hitting over 100 degrees or close to it for several days in a row. The best way to stay cool is to have refrigerated air conditioning that’s working properly. The main reason air conditioning isn’t working during the hot months of the year is because the a/c unit in question has not been serviced for a long time. That doesn’t mean the end, it just means it has to be looked at by air conditioning professional and then serviced properly. Some of the problems that may be the reason the unit or units are not working are as follows:

  • the electrical panel of the home or commercial building may be out or have an issue
  • the thermostat needs to be set to COOL
  • the compressor’s capacitor and wires need to be service
  • dirty a/c filter
  • the condensate drain is full of water

Servicing your air conditioning is a necessary expense, but in the end it most likely will save you money because it may solve a small problem before it becomes a big one