CaitCo Drainworks has partnered with the leaders in trenchless sewer line replacement & repair, Nu-Flow, to take advantage of their patented, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system, Nu Drain. This system creates a structural pipe inside your existing pipes, protecting the solid pipe structure while creating a secure seamless interlining.

When to Use Nu-Drain Repair System 

The Nu-Drain system is used to rehabilitate deteriorating sanitary drain and storm sewer lines and can also be used for mechanical systems with minimal disruption of surrounding areas. Nu-Flow Structural Lining can easily repair damage sustained from tree roots and corrosion. In just one day damage such as: cracks, pitting, and holes can be repaired. Nu-Drain can even replace missing areas of piping. The new epoxy resin lining creates a smooth surface that prevents clogs, and provides a barrier in-between older piping that may contain dangerous contaminates such as lead.

Our Nu-Drain Sewer Line Replacement & Repair Process

  1. Two Point Access– Our process starts by accessing the sewer line through 2 points, such as clean outs.
  2. Camera Inspection– Once the line is accessed, we use a state-of-the-art camera to locate and diagnose the damage.
  3. Clearing the Line– Then, a pneumatic tool is used to clear the line of any blockage or debris.
  4. Epoxy Resin– Next, epoxy resin is mixed on site and poured into a felt liner that will become the new lining of the pipe. The epoxy is pressed thoroughly into this liner until it is completely saturated.
  5. Prepping the Liner– Before the liner can be placed, an inflatable bladder is inserted in the middle of the epoxy saturated liner. The liner and bladder are then rolled tightly and secured with painters’ tape to obtain a lower profile so that it can be easily inserted into the damaged pipe.
  6. Liner Insertion– With the aid of metal cable, and if necessary pneumatic tools the liner is pulled into place from the two access points.
  7. Inflation– Once in place the bladder inside the liner is inflated with air to the width of the pipe. Pressing the epoxy into the damaged areas.
  8. Curing– When the epoxy liner has fully cured in place the bladder is deflated and pulled out leaving a fully formed structurally sound pipe in place. Curing time varies depending on external temperatures and the epoxy used.
  9. Post Camera Inspection– As a final measure we inspect the pipe using our cameras to be sure that all has gone as planned, and your pipe is fully repaired.
CaitCo Drainworks is a certified NU Drain installer. For all your sewer line replacement & repair needs

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CaitCo Drainworks can easily repair sewer or water lines without digging up landscaping, disturbing foundations, walls, floors, decking, and patios with our cured-in-place pipe system. The new pipe is structurally sound providing a safe, and permanent repair. If you are interested in Nu-Drain repair to restore and repair damaged sewer, water, or storm sewer lines, give CaitCo Drain works a call today!

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