Outside Spigot/Faucet Freeze Protection Methods for Homes and Businesses Albuquerque

The weather has cooled down in Albuquerque NM, but it’s not always at the freezing cold point. However, it’s never too soon to think about installing safeguard in your home to prevent your hose bib from freezing. If you don’t protect your hose bib and it does freeze the repair may involve several costly expenses including removal of bricks or tearing out stucco, fixing the frozen pipes and then repairing the wall back to its original state. All those steps include materials costs and labor costs that will add up to a tidy expensive sum.

Homeowners employ several ways to prevent their hose bib from freezing including taping towels around it, triple wrapping garbage bags around it or even newspapers. These methods can work, but there are better up-to-date methods to resolve the issue.

One modern method is an insulated hose bib cover for sale at pretty much every home improvement store and hardware store around the US. It is made of foam with a built-in gasket material and a small hook. To install it you simply connect the hook around the hose bib. After the hook is connected you clip it closed and tighten it. The system holds the cover tightly in place in place snug against the wall which willOutside Spigot/Faucet Freeze Protection Methods for Homes and Businesses Albuquerque prevent your water pipes from freezing due to an outside hose bib cold weather exposure.

The hose bib, also known as an outside water spigot in some circles, freeze protection methods are as follows:

    1. Cut the off water to the spigots and drain the pipes.
    2. Install freeze resistant or frost proof hose bib spigots.
    3. Install insulated foam faucet covers over the spigots.

Preventing your Albuquerque, NM hose bib or Albuquerque, NM business hose bib from freezing makes very good sense. Don’t hesitate getting it done. It’s an inexpensive part that is readily available that my save you hundreds of dollars or thousands down the road.