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CaitCo Drainworks, a Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM, plumbing and heating company, provides the most modern sewer line technology solution to its customers available in plumbing business today. Before today, when a sewer line needed replacing, plumbing companies would dig from the home to the city sewer line across lawns, landscaping, driveways or sidewalks. Digging new sewer lines is very labor cost intensive. CaitCo Drainworks uses a new technology to change out your current sewer line, causing little disturbance to your property or your day to day life.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Technology by CaitCo Drainworks

Caitco Drainworks is the first company in Santa Fe, NM, to offer trenchless sewer line technology. The company has replaced over 27 + miles of pipe since it added trenchless pipe bursting equipment to its plumbing equipment line-up. Being able to really count on a company in Santa Fe, NM or Albuquerque, NM, when it comes to big plumbing expenses like sewer line replacement is critical. When it comes right down to it you can count on CaitCo Drainworks to get the job done quickly and seamlessly.

Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM Sewer Line Thorough Inspection

The first order of business we cover when you reach out to us about trenchless technology services is completing an inspection with the company’s camera system of your homes lateral sewer lines. This is done to make certain the line does not need replacement. If it turns out the sewer line needs replacing it is replaced with polyethylene pipe. The pipe is root proof, leak proof and it has a life span of up to 100 years.

 Trenchless Pipeline Sewer Line Low Home Disruption

Trenchless sewer line replacement starts with digging two access holes of the home’s sewer pipe, one at the street sewer tap and the other where it connects to the home. It works as follows: A burst head it connected to the polyethylene pipe; the head moves forward from there; the old sewer pipe is burst as the burst head moves forward, pulling the new sewer pipe along to the other end of the old pipe until it gets to the street sewer tap.

Old Slow (days) Sewer Line Replacement -VS- Rapid Fast Sewer Line Replacement

It’s a fact, CaitCo Drainworks trenchless sewer line replacement jobs normally are completed in one day. The job is set up in the morning and from there it’s done in under one day, or at a minimum, it’s being tidied up right about the time you arrive back at the house at the end of the day. You can stay at home or leave. The old days of a weeks-worth of digging, climbing over dirt piles and not being able to run the water or take a shower when a sewer line is being replace are over.Sewer Line Replacement CaitCo Drainworks Santa Fe NM



Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Albuquerque and Santa Fe NM

CaitCo Drainworks is THE company to hire in Santa Fe, NM and Albuquerque, NM, for trenchless sewer line replacement services. The days of sewer line replacement with trenches, dirt, hassle and huge costs are over because now you can hire CaitCo Drainworks to get the job quickly and at a lower cost than before. Don’t wait, call today to set up an inspection that comes with an estimate by one of the company’s highly trained professionals. Please know that estimates are not given over the telephone due to the fact that each job is different, which requires an inspection first.

Call 505-424-9191 in Santa Fe or 505-899-6688 in Albuquerque to learn how you can save time and money with a trenchless sewer line pipe replacement today!
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