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A clogged and smelly drain can quickly turn your house into an extremely unpleasant place to live. A clean and clear draining system is important for avoiding problems such as reeking odor buildup, poor drainage, health risks, drain pipe leaks and more.

Drain care is crucial, and ignoring it can lead to a disastrous condition of the drain system. In other words, if you aren’t careful about proper drain care from the start, you could be faced with a huge bill from your plumbing contractors. To avoid this, we recommend following these simple steps on a regular basis to maintain a properly functioning drain system.

1.     Get rid of the odor

A fresh smelling house is necessary for a pleasant situation. Unattended drains can often begin to emit an unpleasant odor from buildup which, if ignored, are not only unpleasant but can become hazardous to your health. It’s vital to treat those drains naturally and chemically, to maintain favorable and sanitary conditions.

The following are some methods that might come handy to maintain a clean drain:

  • A mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water clears any grease that may have accumulated in the drain as well as kill the bacteria responsible for the unpleasant smell. The combination of these three is also capable of preventing a clog.
  • Treat your drains with ice, lemon, and salt every 2 or 3 days, for a pleasant lemon scent.
  • If you are not interested in household remedies, simply buy a biological drain cleaner from your local store to get rid of any bacteria and mold buildup inside the drain.

2.     Clear the clogs

For an efficiently working drain system, it is important to protect the drain by clearing any buildup that may create clogs. Hair, lint, and food particles are common items that build up within the drain system causing more serious problems if not regularly cleared from your drains. A clog can only be treated without a professional plumber if it’s minor or in an initial stage.

The following are the techniques by which you can clear out the minor clogs:

  • Use a plunger to clear out the clog. This is the most common way of unclogging toilets and sinks, but can be effective for shower and tub drains as well.
  • A barbed drain cleaner is another convenient option for clearing clogs near the opening of a drain.
  • Water or gas powered drain cleaners are another effective way of getting rid of clogged pipes by putting an intense pressure on the blockage.
  • Treat the drain overnight with an enzymatic drain cleaner which will slowly work on the affected area and slowly dissolve the clog down so it can pass.
  • If none of the above techniques work, your best option is to call an efficient plumber to rectify the problem.

Some useful tips for a healthy drain system


  • Never put stringy and rough items down the drain line.
  • Run the tap water after disposing of the waste down the drain line for ensuring the drain has been completely cleared.
  • Avoid, or at least limit the number of oily products that pass down into the draining system as they can potentially cause clog buildup.
  • Install drain screens in your bathrooms to prevent hair from entering the drains.
  • Check your drains weekly for any indication of leaks in your drain system.

Taking care of your homes drain system is vital, but even with the best drain care, the need for a professional inspection may still arise. Contact the Caitco Drainworks for the best drain maintenance and cleaning services in town!