1. Where does the name of your company come from?

CaitCo is a combination of our kids’ names: Caitlyn and Cody.  We wanted an original name and my dad suggested CaitCo.

2. What’s the favorite thing about your job?

Chris’ favorite thing about our plumbing company is helping people out who are in need and taking pride in not taking advantage of them.

3. What does Caitco specialize in?

Our most specialized service is the pipe lining.  We offer lining for both water and sewer lines and are the only company in Santa Fe to offer the services in a residential setting.

4. How did that come about?

Chris has always looked for the newest in technology in plumbing.  Our company was the first to offer pipe bursting in the state of New Mexico.  We had to gain approval from the NM Construction and Industries Division to perform the work as well as from the City of Santa Fe and City of Albuquerque which involved hours of educating licensing and permitting officials.

5. What is your favorite thing to do in Santa Fe?

We enjoy skiing at Ski Santa Fe and we are at lots of baseball games because our son plays for St. Mike’s.  We still watch baseball games at Ragle Park because we have lots of friends’ kids who are in AABC and we sponsored a t-ball team this year.  Something else that we are involved in is sponsoring Big Brothers Big Sisters.  We just sponsored their Bowl for Kids Sake and will sponsor the gala in October.  I think we’ve done this for 4 or 5 years now.  Our daughter used to be a competitive figure skater and we still sponsor events for the Santa Fe Skating Club such as the competition that was just held at the GCCC in May and their annual holiday shows in December.