Furnace Thermostat
Furnace Thermostat

The furnace can face some issues when homeowners start it for the first time during the winter season after a year of lying dormant. They may discover that the furnace won’t light at all.

If your furnace wont ignite at such a crucial point, it can become a huge nuisance, leaving you physically distraught. Heat is a basic function of the house that everyone deserves, so that they can get through the winters without having to suffer through the extreme temperatures.

There could be a number of reasons why your furnace refuses to ignite, so in order to fix the issue we must first understand the issue itself. There are some easy fixes that you can try to get your heating system running in the short-term.

While furnaces are complex systems that can’t be repaired with simple DIY projects, you can still try these simple fixes below. If they don’t work, then it is better to call a professional.

The Thermostat isn’t Set on Heat

Some people can often make the mistake of overlooking the thermostat. The furnace won’t ignite if your thermostat isn’t set on heat. On the other hand, if the temperature you have set it on is actually colder than the temperature of the house, then the furnace will have no effect.

You can force the furnace on by switching the fan on. If you find the furnace still refusing to ignite, you should check for an error code on the programmable thermostat and fix it.  

The Gas Line is not on or Faulty

The gas line should also be on or else the furnace won’t light. Check the main valve or your gas appliances to see if it’s on. If the gas supply to the furnace is also disrupted, it may be due to a leak. It is important to evacuate the home if you smell gas or believe it’s a leak and call emergency services.

The Furnace is not on or Faulty

Make sure the power to the furnace is turned on if it is electricity based. The breaker of the furnace may have also tripped, so you may need to turn it back on. If it trips regularly, call a technician to address the problem properly.

The Filter Could be Clogged

The furnace won’t ignite if the air filter of the appliance is clogged. It is important to routinely change the filters or else the dust and debris can clog the air flow in the furnace.  Make sure that the filters are clean or have been changed recently. You can also hire an expert to clean the whole furnace thoroughly so that the air flow isn’t obstructed.

Damaged Ignition Sensor

The ignition sensor is also a common issue due to which you find the furnace not igniting and heating the room. This usually happens when you know that the furnace is on but it doesn’t fire up. The ignition or sensor could be faulty or dirty, which is easy enough to fix.

All you need to do is turn off the gas and find the ignition in the furnace. It may need to be cleaned, so you might need to remove it with a screwdriver and clean it carefully so it doesn’t break. Reattach it back to its original location and turn on the gas. The furnace should light up now.

Furnaces can take some time to start up when they have been off for most of the year. Give it a few minutes to start; however, if it doesn’t, the best option is to call an expert to inspect the whole appliance carefully.