When winter turns to spring in Santa Fe, it’s time to get maintenance done on your refrigerated air conditioning unit and get your air ducts cleaned. These two services are offered by Caitco Drainworks. Each of the services will go a long way to improving the effective life span of your refrigerated air conditioning unit and it will improve the health of your home because the build up of dust and dirt in your home’s air ducts is not good to breath in.

Video Duct Work Inspection by Caitco Drainworks

Caitco Drainworks inspect your home’s air conditioning duct work by using a video camera. Due to the fact that the video camera system gives the company a full view of your home’s duct work before and after they have been cleaning Caitco Darinworks is able to take the utmost care in cleaning the entire duct system completely.  Cleaning your air duct system like this will remover insect remains, pet hair and dander, drywall dust, dust, dirt, pollen, and mold. It will also improve the economic life of your homes HVAC system and lower maintenance cost.

Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque NM by Caitco Drainworks