All of us despise it when we have a drain clog in Santa Fe. Literally nothing connected to that particular drain will operated include toilets, showers, tubs, or kitchen sinks. If any of your drains are clogged and you need to be able to use any area of your home involving that drain, you can’t just hope that the problem will go away. The problem will persist. There a several solutions that will fix home drain clog. The main solution is the premier way to fix a drain clog is a hydro-jet drain cleaning system

Hydro Jet Cleaning – How it Works

Here’s how hydro jet cleaning works. It cleans debris in clogged lines using up to 4,000 dpi high pressure water. When sewer or drain lines are long or lines are 4 inches or wider with touch blockages or giant amounts of grease are involved that need breaking up or cleaning out, hydro jet cleaning is a fantastic solution. A hydro jet cleaning system uses a giant water tank and high-pressure water hose.  The system shoots out high pressure water through pipe lines. The high pressure water pushes out debris, creating a clear clean pipe for water flow.

The place to call when a drain clog occurs in your home is Caitco Drainworks. We have the licensed trained plumbers that can do the job right the first time.  Call CaitCo Drainworks in Santa Fe at 505-424-9191 and in Albuquerque at 505-899-6688.