Sewer line replacement in Albuquerque for homeowner or business owner used to mean tearing up the yard, then the sidewalk and finally the street to get to the broken sewer line, tear it out the broken section and install a new section to replace it. Replacing a sewer line used to cost an absolute fortune because of the labor involved getting to the sewer line. Some sewer lines are 5 to 10 feet underground. With the labor expense and the materials cost a major sewer line repair done the traditional way could cost way over $10,000.

Featured here is job by Caitco Drainworks working on a sewer line replacement. If the job had been done the traditional method the sewer line replacement would have involved trenching, very difficult demolition and tons of labor. In this instance Caitco Drainworks used its pipe bursting sewer line replacement system to complete the job. This job involved replacing over 420 feet of sewer line minus the old requirement when doing sewer line replacement of ripping up the customer’s yard, sidwalk and the accompanying street. The sewer line was broken from severe intrusion from roots which allowed rocks to fall inside the line, eventually blocking it. The sewer line was 15 feet underground from the house to the sewer tap. The normal expense of needing to trench down that deep to get to the broken sewer line would have been astronomical. Because the job was done by using Caitco Drainworks pipe bursting sewer line replacement system the cost was to complete the job was far less and it was completed in 2 days instead of 7 to 10 days.

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