Replacing a sewer line the traditional way is really, really expensive when there’s excavation involved. Here’s an example of a sewer line replacement job done by Caitco Drainworks that normally would have been really costly if it had been done us trenching and major demolition. Caitco Drainworks did the job using its pipe bursting sewer line replacement system. In the process it replaced 400 plus feet of sewer line without the need to tear up the client’s property, sidewalk or the street. The sewer line was adversely affected by holes and fractures cause by root intrusion which led to sewer line backup when rocks fell inside the line. From the home to the sewer tap the sewer line was 15 feet underground. To do this job the traditional way would have been really expensive. Caitco Drainworks completed the job way less expensively and far more quickly, saving the customers tons of money, time and it was way less hassle.

CaitCo-Drainworks-Sewer-Line-Replacement-Santa-Fe-NM-02 CaitCo-Drainworks-Sewer-Line-Replacement-Santa-Fe-NM-01-1024x768