CaitCo Drainworks providing Sewer Line Repair and Replacement.

With over twenty years of experience in sewer line replacement and repair in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, we know that one solution does not always fit all problems. That is why CaitCo Drainworks offers a variety of different solutions for sewer and water line repair and replacement. Most often, lines need to be repaired or replaced due to age, corrosion, root intrusion, or shifts and breaks in pipes. If you need residential or commercial sewer line replacement or repair, then give our Santa Fe or Albuquerque office a call. One of our fully trained and licensed plumbing professionals will diagnosis the problem and find the right solution that works for you.

Sewer Line Replacement & Repair Options

Before we begin any job, we use cameras to thoroughly inspect the lines in question to determine the scope and location of the problem. This allows us to employ the method that will solve your drain issue in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Nu-Drain Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lining, also known as cured-in-place, is our preferred method to repair a sewer line.  CaitCo Drainworks has partnered with the leaders in trenchless sewer line repair, Nu Flow, to take advantage of their patented, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system, Nu Drain. Using two points of access, this system creates a structural pipe inside your existing pipes, protecting the solid pipe structure while creating a secure seamless interlining. Making old, damaged pipes new without digging or causing destruction to buildings or landscapes.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair, also known as pipe bursting, is a bit different from the Nu-Drain system. Instead of creating a lining inside of an existing pipe, a whole new pipe is put in its place. A cone shaped head is attached to a brand-new polyethylene pipe. Utilizing only two access points, the cone and pipe are pulled through the existing pipe bursting the old pipe out of the way and leaving the new pipe in its place. 

Trench Pipe Repair 

Sometimes we are unable to utilize trenchless plumbing and need to dig a trench.  CaitCo Drainworks can still replace your damaged sewer or water lines with brand new pipes and will restore your property as best as possible. When all other options have been exhausted, CaitCo Drainworks will replace your damaged sewer or water lines with brand new pipes.

Warning Signs of Broken Sewer Lines

Often there are early warning signs of plumbing problems. Know what to look for so you can stay ahead of problems before they get out of control.

  • Sewer or sludge smells emitting from drains
  • Slow drains
  • Standing water in drains
  • Water backing up from floor, sink, shower, or tub drains 
  • Gurgling sounds coming from drains or sewer access
  • Change in lawn, areas appearing more fertilized
  • Soaring water bills
  • Bad water pressure
Image of a broken sewer line needing to be repaired.

CaitCo Cares and we are here to help!

If you need a sewer line repaired or replaced, CaitCo Drainworks can get the job done. Give our office a call and we will find the solution that works for you. Avoid the need for expensive sewer line replacements or repairs by scheduling regular sewer lines cleanings with CaitCo Drainworks.

CaitCo Drainworks is your expert for sewer line repair or replacement. Call 505-424-9191 in Santa Fe today.