AC Repair Santa Fe
AC Repair Santa Fe

Your AC unit comes with a warranty. In some cases, the warranty becomes void if the repair is done by someone other than the company’s certified technicians. When you call the technicians after you have done your experiment, it becomes obvious to them that an inexperienced person has done the damage and they charge you a fee.

Your Safety

If the AC is not working, then don’t try to tamper with the electric outlet. An AC runs on 220 to 240 volts. Electricity at this voltage level can kill you, so it is best to stay away from all the sockets that provide a direct connection to the AC.

Complex Diagnostics

As mentioned earlier, an AC has many parts and even loosening a single bolt and can stop it from working. A layman in this field will never be able to figure out which part is not working.

Wrong Parts

You can’t just hunt for parts in your garage, find the ones that were used in the last AC, and call it a day. Even if you figure out what’s causing the problem, you might not have the part with the right make and model. When you call technicians to fix the problem, they usually have the replacement parts with them, which save you time and money.

Buying the Wrong Refrigerant

Your AC is not working and you figure that it’s the refrigerant causing the problem. You head to the nearest Home Depot and buy a cylinder of R-22 refrigerant. Later that day, the AC stops working again. So what’s the problem? Well… your AC might not have needed the refrigerant after all because the problem was the leak in the coils. Moreover, it’s possible that your AC uses R-410A refrigerant and by using the wrong one, you might have caused some damage. In such cases, the condenser unit becomes a ticking time bomb. Using the wrong refrigerant has been known to cause explosions and fires.

So now that you know what’s at stake, better keep your toolbox in your garage. At the first sign of the AC not working, such as warm airflow or strange noises, call a technician immediately. To make sure your AC is running properly, read about you should serivce you AC here.