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Young repairman fixing a ductless minisplit air conditioning system. Real situation

Young repairman fixing a ductless minisplit air conditioning system. Real situation

As the old adage goes, “bigger isn’t always better.” The same can be said about the AC unit you buy for your house. An air conditioner can both keep you cool throughout the hot Santa Fe summers and result in energy savings. But which type is right for your home?

What is a Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

A mini-split system is a kind of ductless air conditioner that is like a central air conditioner in many ways, but different in many others. Both central and mini-splits have two units: a condenser and evaporator. The condenser is placed outside the home while the evaporator is inside. The heat in the system is carried outdoors via a coolant fluid flowing through the system.

But the exact way that the system is set up in the mini-split is markedly different from a central air conditioner.

With central ACs, the cooled air is sent through the handler/evaporator unit and distributed around the house via ducts and vents. In mini-split air conditioners, there is no need for such intricate ductwork and vents. There is just a narrow tube connecting the condenser and evaporator/air handler unit (that’s mounted on your wall). The handler distributes the cool air, takes in the warm air, then carries the warm coolant through the tubing to the outside unit to release its heat.

A Mini-split can be better than a Central Air Conditioner

With a mini-split there is no longer a need for extensive vents and ductwork to distribute cool air through your house.

Leaking air and poorly maintened ductwork are common issues faced in older homes. If not done properly, inefficient ductwork can cause a dramatic effect on your energy bills.

Greater Efficiencies and Cost Effective Zoning Control

With their ductless systems, the mini-split air conditioners offer greater efficiencies of almost 27 SEER compared to the lower 21 SEER rating on some of the best central air conditioners available.

Plus, if you require zone control because it gets hotter in your home in some areas compared to others, you’ll be glad to know it’s cheaper for the mini-split systems compared to traditional central air conditioners.

Budgeting for Long Term Energy Savings

If you’re looking at only the initial costs of the AC whether central or mini-splits, your focus is too narrow. The upfront costs of a mini-split system may be more than a lower-end AC unit, but the improved efficiency and lower operating costs will pay off in the long run.

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