1. Cost Effective Option

A swamp cooler has high energy efficiency and consumes low power, so its operational costs are much less when compared to other similar options. Plus, the upfront costs are also significantly lower than installing central air conditioning system.

  1. Environment Friendly

A swap cooler uses 75% less power than a central cooling unit, which implies a reduced carbon footprint. If you want a more environmentally friendly option, then get a swamp cooler which features a programmable timer. This would allow you to automatically set the unit to switch off when the house is empty.

  1. Greater Cooling

A swamp cooler can adjust the house to a colder temperature than an air conditioning unit, which is a huge comfort in the hot summer season. Higher humidity levels are also achieved which increase moisture in the air and prevents your skin from drying up. This moisture is also good for indoor plants.

  1. Good Choice in Dry regions

As already mentioned, swamp coolers ensure higher humidity levels, which makes them a good choice for dry regions. Generally, regions with a relative humidity of less than 50% are considered to be dry.

  1. Temperature Adjustment through a Number of Options

A swamp cooler can lower the inside-house temperature in three main ways.

  • Air is circulated around the room constantly, which reduces the temperature.

  • Since the air is rapidly moving around your body, evaporation through skin increases; this lowers your body’s effective temperature.

  • The air flow absorbs heat from other objects in the room, which decreases the amount of heat being radiated.

  1. Usage in Specific Areas

If you have a swamp cooler that features a direct water line, you can install it anywhere, if there is a water source nearby. If your model is without it, then it’s better because you can literally place it wherever you want. And by the way, this also means that you can take it with you if you travel or move.

  1. Proven Technology

The functioning technology of a swamp cooler is tried and tested. Modern coolers also use the same methods but make certain adjustments to increase the efficiency.

  1. Easy Repairs

The two main components of a swamp cooler are the water pump, and the fan motor, which can easily be repaired at a low rate. Replacement is also inexpensive if there is any need.

  1. Low Maintenance

A swamp cooler requires very little maintenance; usually, you just have to wipe dust from the surface and ensure sufficient water levels. Occasionally, the filters and cooling pads may have to be cleaned.

  1. Improved Air Circulation

A traditional cooling system works more efficiently if the windows are shut; in such a case, the same air is circulated inside the room. But, a swamp cooler can work even if the window is open. Air is circulated 1 to 3 times in a minute and is continuously replaced with the fresh, outside air.