It looks like that the debate between two (Air Conditioner and Evaporative Cooler) will never settle. When it comes to deciding a better and effective cooling system, there are two widely popular preferences.

Some people believe that since evaporative coolers are portable, affordable and less energy-consuming, they are the best option. But people who live in less humid areas are not of the same opinion because they face trouble in cooling a single room with the help of an evaporative cooler. Since evaporative coolers take in the fresh air from outside, the windows and doors must be kept open all the time for it to function effectively. But when the weather is dry, there isn’t much air to work with. Therefore, they believe air conditioning systems are a better alternative to combat the harsh heat of Arizona.

Air conditioning works on the same principle a refrigerator does. It draws in warm air from the environment and cools it before circulating it with the help of a coolant filled coil. In this article, we will discuss why we believe it is a better alternative to an evaporative cooler.

  1. Improves Air Quality

Despite the recirculation of the air inside the house, air conditioners come equipped with the most up to date air filtrations system that helps with the removal of any dirt, debris or pollen from the air. When the air is filtered every second, the air quality improves. Most advanced technologies today also come equipped with air filtration that removes harmful bacteria from the air too, ensuring you and your family enjoys the summers without worrying about any viral infections.

  1. Is Durable and long-lasting:

It must also be noted that when maintained and cloned regularly, air conditioner have a longer lifespan than most evaporative coolers. Since evaporative coolers can take up to 25 liters of water per hour to cool the room, there is also always an increased risk of a leakage which disrupts the proper functioning of the evaporative cooler. When that happens, the evaporative cooler may stop working altogether and need to be fixed. This is very rare in case of an air conditioner which is installed by a professional.

  1. Presence of a Thermostat

Despite electricity fluctuations, the presence of a standard thermostat in the air conditioners promises a balanced flow of cool air inside.

  1. Works Well Under All Conditions

Unlike evaporative coolers that work well only in dry conditions, air conditioners are equipped to handle all forms and level of heat inside the house. This means that are ideal in both tropical and sub-tropical regions. Most come designed with the latest sensing technology which itself detects the amount of coolness needed in the room which isn’t the case with evaporative coolers.

  1. Isn’t loud:

Finally, one of the lesser acknowledged advantages of air-conditioning over evaporative coolers is their peaceful working – free of any noise or disturbance. People suffering from sleep deprivation often blame the loud noise of a fan or an evaporative cooler for causing difficulty in sleeping.