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Is your HVAC system giving you trouble in keeping the temperature constant? A problem such as this must be looked into immediately because it will impact your energy bills. Proper maintenance when you feel a slight drop in the air quality is extremely necessary. To give you an idea of what possible problems you can face, here are some scenarios:

  • The moment you step foot into the house, you smell a sharp odor
  • Unfamiliar sounds when you turn on the HVAC system
  • Inconsistent airflow (uneven cooling and heating throughout the house)
  • Loss efficiency (the system takes longer to cool or warm the room)
  • An unexpected rise in cooling and heating costs

So, we all know that lack of maintenance is one of the biggest reasons why your HVAC system might not be working properly but what about when it is newly installed? Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons why the HVAC system is causing poor airflow:

1.     Obstructed Condenser Unit

One of the most common problems with a newly installed HVAC system is its location. The unit might be installed in an area where it’s not getting any room to breathe. It might be due to large overgrowing trees that are completely covering the unit and causing it to overheat.

2.     Not Enough Insulation

The HVAC’s ductwork is what the entire unit is dependent on. If the ductwork does not have proper insulation, there will be a loss of air and the system will work overtime to maintain the temperature. This is something you should invest in heavily to prevent future problems that might require an overhaul.

3.     Clogged Filter

It’s been just a week and you already feel that there’s a decline in the air quality. You see, the filter performs a very important job: it removes all the debris and dust from the air. However, when the ducts malfunction, the dust settles on to the filters and clogs it. This leads to cold and hot spots in the house, which ultimately leads to stuffy air. If the HVAC system installed in your house encompasses all the rooms, you might wanna check on those filters every week, just to make sure they are not overloaded with dust.

4.     Outdated HVAC Design

To save money, you bought an outdated HVAC design and got it installed with the old duct work. Due to the old installation work, the HVAC unit might not be able to work properly in tandem with the ductwork.

5.     Malfunctioning Thermostat

Where is your thermostat installed? Is it near the kitchen or beside a window? The placement of the thermostat is extremely important because a slight change in the indoor temperature caused by an appliance or external environment can cause the reading to fluctuate.

Wherever you are planning to install the ductwork and the condenser unit, get a professional opinion on the placement and how it will affect the airflow. At the first sign of aforementioned symptoms, call a technician immediately before the problem becomes worse.